Menomonee Falls company to manufacture parts destined for China

January 19, 2012 by  

US based ZBB Energy has announced that its overseas joint venture company headquartered in China has been awarded contracts to provide power management systems and energy storage components to a variety of customers such as the government in China.

The firm has obtained an official registration to acquire a license to do business from the Chinese officials. The joint venture company will operate under the name Meineng Energy.

While the power storage and energy control management systems will be built and assembled at a test center in China’s WuHu City by ZBB, most likely by March, the development of the initial technology and the actual manufacture of the parts and components along with catalog printing to inventory the aforementioned, will take place in Menomonee Falls. A spokesperson for the firm involved in the manufacture said it has tapped into

“a tremendous market for energy storage systems.”

A price tag for the contract was not disclosed but is expected to be over $100 million.

“These strategic contracts are significant in that the test center serves as a leading authority for advanced energy storage technologies in China,”

ZZB said in a news release, noting that the project for the Chinese government will be an example of how, even in a power outage, new technologies in energy storage will guarantee a steady flow of power to the public.

Despite losses in the last quarter, ZBB is still acquiring new employees as it prepares for production in Menomonee Falls.