Mammoth employer to stay in Menomonee Falls

February 21, 2012 by  

Kohl’s Corporation, parent company of Kohl’s Department Stores, will not move their corporate offices to Milwaukee, according to an anonymous source.

Although the final decision has not been made public, the unnamed yet reliable source indicated that Kohl’s will retain their offices in Menomonee Falls. The news could not be confirmed by Kohl’s or Menomonee Falls municipal development manager, Jeff Fleming.

Retaining Kohl’s in the area is good news for local print companies and other service industries who work hard to keep Menomonee Falls a vibrant town in which to do business.

There is no information as to why Kohl’s allegedly will stay, however, relocating to Milwaukee would have meant higher land and construction costs, and more expensive property taxes. Although Menomonee Falls is just a 25 minute drive, barring rush hour traffic, the move would have been hard on Kohl’s corporate employees. With more than 5,500 people, Kohl’s Corporation is one of the biggest employers in the Milwaukee area.

Kohl’s, with 1,127 stories in all but one of the U.S. states, moved to Silver Spring Corporate Park in 1996 and announced in 2010 that a new space would have to be found for its growing staff. Kevin Mansell, CEO of Kohl’s Corporation, announced that the company would consider moving to downtown Milwaukee.

It’s no secret that Milwaukee has made a potential move attractive. The Milwaukee Economic Development Corp., a not-for-profit lending company with ties to the city, bought the former Sydney Hih building on W. Juneau Ave and demolished it for new development with the Kohl’s relocation in mind.