Kohls’ decision will not impede apartment plans

January 16, 2014 by  

Menomonee Falls’ new apartment complex the Woodlands is still in the works despite the Kohl’s Corporation getting cold feet. They will be staying in Silver Spring to renovate their established headquarters there instead of constructing the apartments.

The subject came up at the last Board meeting when trustees inquired about its development. The Board has approved a great deal of the plan including the location. Fiduciary Real Estate will take over the project and erect five buildings on the corner of Good Hope Road and Appleton Avenue to contain the apartments and community amenities. Nine units are already on the site but will be incorporated into the new complex.

The complex will have over 100 units of one and two bedroom apartments and include a gym, clubroom with a small kitchen, and on-site storage areas. Tenants can expect to pay around $1,300 a month for rent. Fiduciary representatives predict the complex will fill up in less than two years. The apartments will have 266 parking spaces for residents. Less than half of them will be out in the open. The Woodlands was supposed to have 344 parking spaces to be up to code, but the city allowed them to have less.

To bring in tenants, apartment buildings hand out brochures to potential tenants advertising the units available. They list the floor plans, amenities, location advantages, and prices. If a printing company can impress the owner of the complex, they may hire them for both the brochures and other projects like sign advertisements.