Fire department raises awareness through wreaths

December 9, 2013 by  

Throughout the month of December, the fire department of Menomonee Falls will run its ‘Keeping the Wreath Green’ campaign. It encourages fire safety and offers tips on how to prevent accidents.

Each fire station has a wreath covered in green lights to hang outside for the community to see. A green light is replaced by a red light whenever there is an accident involving fire within Menomonee Falls. The objective is to have as few red lights as possible on the wreath by the end of the month.

During, and immediately after, the winter holidays, more fires occur than any other time of the year. This might be due to using a home heating system more often, the increased amount of cooking for the festivities, or the extra decorations around the house.

However, there are several methods of preventing damage and injuries cause by fire and making sure the holidays stay merry and bright, as are listed on the town’s website. These include keeping an eye on open flames and being aware of anything around them that can catch on fire. Locals are also advised to use surge protected power strips whenever possible and be conservative with the number of plugs that go into one outlet. Finally, they should keep their tree well watered if they decide to have an authentic spruce or fur inside their home.

Pamphlets for residents to take home would need to be to the point, but would also no doubt benefit from the eye-catching touch of a professional brochure printer.