Developers quickly finishing athletic center

October 5, 2013 by  

The building that will be home to The Wisconsin Athletic Club (WAC) located in Menomonee Falls is almost finished.

The new road extending into the complex is now named Falls Parkway and will open in just a few weeks. Richfield Way will also become part of Falls Parkway next year, and will help the flow of traffic.

As a result, the district will now have a gym, exercise and training studios, three pools, and an aquatic center. The village has wanted to redevelop the 70 acre area since 2008. Once the development project started at the beginning of the year, sanitary sewers and pipelines were quickly installed. The next development project is to put the finishing touches on the roads and landscape the property.

The 90,000 square foot building sits at the intersection between the corridor of Highway 41/45 and Pilgrim Road, where the factory of Stolper and Western used to stand. The WAC is scheduled to open sometime in the middle of November while Froedtert Health, which will share the space with the WAC, will two months later.

Along with the multiple signs needed for construction sites, the opening of a club usually creates a generous printing project for a printing business. Rules for gym equipment, pools, and locker rooms all require strong signs, some of which may need to be water resistant. Most athletic clubs sell apparel for members to promote the business while they exercise outside the fitness center. In addition, they may need shirts for staff to wear.