Snowflake falls into Madison arts venue

January 10, 2014 by  

‘Snowflake’, silent comedy performed entirely by one actors, is the story about a simple soul who lives alone in a vacant lot, which is a catchall for discarded objects of life. Part of the ‘An American Girl’s Fund for Children’ series, no doubt a range of printing services have been used to spread the word about this production to people in this community, with poster printing likely to be one of them.

Using a mix of rip-roaring comedy, feats of balance, slapstick, and some tender moments, this story unfolds around a person who gains pleasure from the most uncomplicated and simple objects. Snowflake is alone in the world and entertains himself through recycling reclaimed objects he has found and turning them into memorable and comic treasures.

He creates ski hills from an old crate, farcical ballet shoes out of discarded skis, and reuses other discarded articles such as an abandoned car, a bed frame, packing bubbles, and a saw that transforms intoa strange musical instrument. The performance runs for about 60 minutes with no intermission, and is recommended for children of all ages.

Tickets cost between $17 and $21 per person, and group tickets are available as well. ‘Snowflake’ will be performed on Saturday, January 11, starting at 11:00 am at the Overture Center for the Arts located at 201 State Street in Madison, Wisconsin. To learn more about this comedy, or to purchase tickets, please visit the Overture Center for the Arts website or call the box office at 608-258-4141.