Cartoonist to draw the best out of young artists this weekend

October 30, 2013 by  

The ‘Drawing Jam for Kids’ with Lynda Barry is part of a monthly program, Saturday Science, which teaches children aspects of drawing through various creative and hands-on real time activities. Although this program is designed for children, adults may join in with their kids.

All drawing jams for children take place at the image lab and are instructed by Barry, using innovative techniques for exploring, playing, and creating using academic disciplines for their masterpieces, which could even be giving a really professional look by taking them to a print company after the class.

Barry is a recognized cartoonist, assistant professor, and discovery fellow, and hosts this program in partnership with The Town Center. The program encourages artists and curious sciences, entrepreneurs, writers, readers, and researchers to collide and connect using creative common grounds. The lab is flexible and has an active work space that uses real-time creative activities to encourage varying views on problem-solving.

Walk-ins are welcome, although registration is recommended, and there is no charge to attend for children or adults. The Drawing Jam for Kids will be happening on Saturday, November 2, from 10:00 am to noon at the Image Lab located at the northwest corner of the Discovery Building, Room 1160 on the first floor of 1300 Block of University Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin. To learn more about the session, or to register, please visit the Discover Building, Image Lab website or call 608-316-4676 during business hours.