Stories fill the air at local library

January 21, 2013 by  

Mr. Mark, the Greenfield Library’s storyteller, will join visits to share stories about flight with the audience. These stories will be told tomorrow and will include stories about creatures that take to the air, and other stories about flight that will fire the audience’s imagination. Poster printing may have been used to share information about this event with the community.

Children who have dreamed of being able to take to the skies can join Mr. Mark as he retells his ‘Flights of Fancy’ stories about people, things, and animals that can soar through the air at record speeds. Mr. Mark has long been the library’s storyteller and has a wonderful way of inspiring the children and adults who listen to his voice rise and fall as the story hits dramatic points that need to be stressed. Often, his storytelling abilities include actions and explanations, plus questions answered by the children and adults who are listening in fascination. Caregivers are requested to stay with the children during story time and enjoy a great story or two as well. They are reminded to bring a camera and capture the special moments. The storytelling takes place in the Story Corner in the Children’s Library.

This event is free to all and will be held tomorrow, January 22, at 10:30 am at the Greenfield Public Library located at 5310 W. Layton Avenue in Greenfield, Wisconsin. To reserve a spot, please visit the Greenfield Public Library website or call the library at 414-321-9595, extension 104.