Kids and parents to be kept happy through new program

September 16, 2013 by  

The City of Greenfield’s Department of Parks and Recreation has established a new safe and entertaining way to assist parents when their children have an early release day from their school. No doubt a range of printing services have been used to make parents in this community aware of this exciting program.

The organizers were aware that early school release days sometimes leave parents stranded with no place for their children to go, or scrambling to find someplace safe and fun for their children. In co-operation with the Greenfield School District, the Greenfield Department of Parks and Recreation is now offering a safe, fun, and friendly atmosphere in which children can enjoy an educational setting with structured learning activities.

The program will be supervised by staff from the Greenfield Park and Recreation Department under the guidance of certified educators and offered to all of Greenfield’s elementary and middle school aged children. Some featured activities, depending on age and grade level, might include physical activity, study time, homework assistance, book club, math enrichment, and computer lab. Children will also be able to enjoy networking opportunities with friends from school, while also having the chance to meet new friends from other schools.

No cost is currently associated with the program, the briefing for which will take place on Wednesday, September 18, at 1:30 pm at the Elm Dale Elementary School, in the gymnasium, located at 5300 S. Honey Creek Drive in Greenfield, Wisconsin. To learn more about thie program, the start times, and how to register children, please visit the Greenfield Parks and Recreation Department website or call the office through the day.