Greenfield craftspeople to get better butter

October 22, 2013 by  

Tomorrow’s ‘Make Your Own Body Butter’ workshop will teach participants how to create body butter at a fraction of the cost of purchasing it in one of the local stores or online. Several printing services are likely to have been used to share this course information with people located in this community or nearby areas.

Those who love the luxury and soothing effects that body butter has on their skin will no doubt enjoy this ‘make it at home course’, which is being offered through the Greenfield Parks and Recreation Department. Guests will learn all about how to create this luxurious product that keeps the body smooth and feeling soft throughout the long winter months.

The recipe being used has a focus on value, but the product created may be every bit as good as those of body butter manufacturers. Once the recipe is shared, participants can use it to create a great gift item during the holiday season. The body butter will be made with all natural ingredients and participants will take home a four-ounce container, handmade by themselves, to use throughout the winter.

This is a free workshop and everyone is invited to attend. It is happening tomorrow, October 23, at 6:30 pm at the Greenfield Community Center located at 7215 W. Cold Spring Road in Greenfield, Wisconsin. To register for this session, or to learn more, visit the Greenfield Parks and Recreation Department website or call its offices during business hours.