Go wild in Greenfield

May 26, 2012 by  

Tomorrow, May 27, Kohl’s Wild Theatre will be performing at the Dan Jansen Family Festival located at 5151 W. Layton Avenue in Greenfield, Wisconsin. This event begins at 1:00 pm.

During the performance, actors will portray animals from around the globe by singing, dancing, and talking as the Kohl’s Wild Theatre jumps onto the stage. Kohl’s Wild Theatre is an interactive, live, and exciting family program to assist with the promotion and conservation of animal habitats and wildlife using songs, puppetry, and drama.

This performance is in partnership with the Zoological Society of Milwaukee. Performances will include Treasure of the Sea, A Climb through Time with Clues and Rhymes, The Strange Case of the Alien Invasion, and Journey to the Rich Coast. These performances are enjoyed by children and adults alike. The event will take place outdoors, so please remember to bring hats and sunscreen for the children who are attending.

This event is taking place from the Memorial Day Weekend through to the Labor Day weekend with four performances every day. There will also be short, spontaneous skits taking place periodically throughout each day. These performances are set up at the Milwaukee Zoo so, as guests walk through, they can stop and take in the action. Flyers and tickets have probably already been prepared through local print companies, as well as stationery printing.

These performances come free of charge with the guest’s zoo admission. For additional information about this performing group, please visit the Kohl’s Wild Theatre website or call 414-258-2333.