Green Bay invited to take a step back in time

July 22, 2018 by  

Graveyards can often tell a story of the history of a community, and Green Bay’s Allouez Cemetery will provide a backdrop for a walk that will take a look into the area’s past.

A guided walking tour of the site will be led by a member of the Brown County Historical Society, and it will investigate the history of the community through the perspective of the individuals who have made it their final resting place. It first opened to the public back in 1822, and it is one of the oldest cemeteries in the state.

Anyone who plans on being a part of the event is reminded to wear shoes that are comfortable for walking and to bring along a folding lawn chair that they can carry. Children over the age of five are welcome to participate, and on-site parking is available for anyone who needs it. Tickets are $7 each, and a special family price is also being offered.

The walkers will set off at 6:00 pm, and those who would like to be included are asked to reserve their spot ahead of time. Brochure printing can be utilized to craft guides to distribute during an event like this that provide more details about the history of the local area.

This opportunity to take a step back in time will be offered on August 1 at 211 Riverside Drive in Green Bay. The Green Bay website con be consulted for further details.