Valentines invited to crack the code

February 8, 2013 by  

This weekend’s Antique Rebus Exhibition will provide guests with the opportunity to try and solve unique and fun puzzles using words and pictures that are related to Valentine’s Day.

As part of the fun, guests must try to combine the words and pictures into a ‘secret’ message. Poster printing may have been used as part of the promotion campaign for this unusual and interesting event, which should prove to be an excellent family activity.

During this event, participants will have a number of puzzles to solve that include everything from decoding Valentines messages and children’s names into a ‘Soap Ad Contest’, to 60 individual hands-on brainteasers that range in difficulty. There will be a number of mechanical puzzles to unravel as well.

While there, guests should be sure to check out the Victorian parlor brainteasers and vintage puzzles. During this event, guest will also create their own puzzle that they can take home with them. Each session for this event runs a full 90 minutes in length and provides hours of fun and imagination afterwards, as the brain creates more intriguing puzzles at home.

Tickets are now available, although advanced purchases are strongly recommended, as space is very limited. The Antique Rebus Exhibit will be open on Saturday, February 9, with sessions running at 10:00 am and 11:30 am at the Logic Puzzle Museum located at 533 Milwaukee Avenue in Burlington, Wisconsin. To learn more about this fun puzzling event, please visit the Logic Puzzle Museum website or call during normal business hours on 262-763-3946.