Eco solution for icy road applauded

January 19, 2012 by  

There are no companies more concerned about the environmental impact of their business than print companies, who deal with ink cartridge and paper recycling issues on a daily business. So when others join them in the quest to find eco-friendly solutions it’s a cause for celebration.

This is why Burlington print companies should be proud of their city’s efforts to treat icy roads with a solution of brine – a mixture of rock salt and water.

The solution is being sprayed on roads by a tanker truck and is a trial by Burlington’s public works department to determine whether the less expensive brine could permanently replace salt as the primary method of caring for icy winter-time streets.

Other counties have been using the brine for several years, according to Dan Jensen, a public works supervisor. It’s sprayed on streets as ice prevention.

“It’s more environmentally safe and financially sound,” Jensen said. “It doesn’t bounce off the road and leaves a residue that’s ready to work as soon as the snow falls.”

With the road prepped with brine before freezing temperatures hit, snow and ice doesn’t compact on city streets.

“The brine acts like Pam on a frying pan,” Jensen continued. “We’re applying the salt directly to the road.”

Burlington hopes to keep their snow clearing budget to a minimum while keeping the roads safe for drivers. The purchase of new equipment was not necessary as existing equipment was changed out to switch to the new system.

Jensen says his department is waiting for a major dump of snow to test the brine.