Burlington brings out play within a play

October 2, 2013 by  

For theater-goers looking for something a bit off the wall, ‘I Hate Hamlet’ is a play being put on by The Haylofters, Inc. this fall.

The story is about a man named Andrew Rally, previously a soap opera star, who agrees to play the role of Hamlet as part of a New York City production of Shakespeare in the Park. Once accepting the role, he moves into John Barrymore’s one-time apartment and participates in a spooky séance receiving ghostly advice. The audience will come to find out whether he choosing to accept this ghoulish guidance as the play continues.

The performance, which is more than likely to be the subject of promotional poster printing, is directed by Mary Hubbard Nugent and the cast includes Janaan Rose, Pamela Schroeder, Mike Austin, Hannah Anderson, John Gregoles, and Adam LeMarr. For people who hold season tickets, this play is included in their package, but the box office must receive reservations in advance, as tickets will be sold at the door as well.

Tickets for the production cost $10 and can be picked up at The Coffee House, Grater Tator, or the box office on the night of the event. I Hate Hamlet will be on stage every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from now through October 20 at the Malt House Theatre located at 109 N. Main Street in Burlington, Wisconsin. For additional details, or to purchase tickets, please visit The Haylofters website or call the box office.