Burlington area home to new Harris Teeter

November 18, 2013 by  

A new Harris Teeter supermarket recently opened in Durham, a short distance from Burlington, with a grand opening celebration enabling people to taste samples of food, explore the store, shop for groceries, and order beverages from the Starbucks inside the store. No doubt Harris Teeter used banner printing to let the community become aware of the opening of the store.

Local business owners and students from Duke University commented that the new store will be an asset to the community. Amanda Young, as senior from Duke who lives in Erwin Mill, said to the Duke Chronicle that she would probably be going to Harris Teeter more to pick up something she needs in a hurry. She added that the location of the store is a good one, as there are no other grocery stores within walking distance of campus that can fit into a student budget.

Businesses in the area of the new store on Ninth Street seemed to feel that Harris Teeter’s choice of location indicates the company believes that the area has a prosperous future. General Manager and co-owner of the Blue Corn Café, Danielle Ross, commented that the store will bring more people to the Ninth Street area, which is more connected to downtown Durham since the Main Street Bridge was renovated.

Danna Jones, a Harris Teeter communication specialist, said that the chain is also looking forward to building relationships with local businesses. This outlet will have a salad bar, a pizza and cheese kiosk, a Fisherman’s market, and a farmer’s market produce section.