Spring Fair on the Square

May 4, 2012 by  

On Saturday, May 12, Baraboo downtown will be hosting its annual “Spring Fair on the Square” located on the square, around the courthouse, in downtown Baraboo, Wisconsin.

This spring fair is designed to be a shopping event for Mother’s Day. This year the fair is offering products from more than 150 artisans and craftspeople and will line the courthouse for almost four blocks. On this day, you will also be able to visit the Baraboo Farmer’s Market and buy some locally grown or raised food. Guests who plan to attend the farmer’s market are reminded to place a cooler with ice in their trunks for their purchases. This fair will also feature a collection of locally grown plants, shrubs, and bushes for sale. This event will also have a number of food vendors and rides for the kiddies, as well as adults. Many of the local parking lots will be for artist’s use, so guests will have to find parking on the side streets. This fair will feature fine artist’s work, jewelry, pottery, crafts, and many other vendors all geared with products for Mother’s Day.

This event is organized by Downtown Baraboo Inc, which is a voluntary non-profit group of local small business and professional services owners. Their goal is to promote events in downtown Baraboo. Meetings for events and this group are held on Friday mornings. Everyone is welcome to attend.

This event is free to everyone. Banner printing, flyer printing, and brochure printing will be a must for any vendors or merchants attending the fair, and for additional information about this event, contact Downtown Baraboo Inc’s website, or call their office.