Demo day to get kitchen clever

October 7, 2012 by  

At the upcoming Bekah Kate’s Demo Day, guests will reap the benefits of a host of experts showcasing some of the finest products in kitchenware and food products in the area. This event only comes around once each year and the experts will be there to answer any questions visitors may have on today’s modern small kitchen appliances and accessories.

Bekah Kate’s is located in downtown Baraboo and opens its doors annually to the public to demonstrate some of the world’s finest kitchen and home products. At this open house, experts will show guests the various ways that the products can be used, while creating some wonderful dishes for people to sample.

Since this is a special, yearly event, there will be many door prizes, a grand 20% off sale, and raffles throughout the day. For guests who bring in a canned donation, an additional 5% off per item or per can will be applied to anything they purchase, as well as a free knife-sharpening.

Poster printing, postcard printing, and flyer printing may have been used to spread the word about this annual event. Admission to the Demo Day is free and everyone with an interest in cuisine and kitchens is invited to attend.

Bekah Kate’s Demo Day will be happening on Saturday, October 20, between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm at Bekah Kate’s in Baraboo, Wisconsin. To learn more about what will be on offer, please visit Bekah Kate’s website or call the store at 608-356-3133.