Chance to dine with the local animals

March 12, 2013 by  

This weekend’s ‘Animal Feeding Day’ provides families with the chance to come out and learn about the various animals located in the Nature Center at the Devils Lake State Park in Baraboo, while also discovering the types of food they enjoy and their general habitat. Guests are invited to come and share the animals’ lunch break.

Not everyone knows what tree frogs or salamanders enjoy for their meals, so this is a great opportunity for families to spend some quality time together while learning what the animals located in the Nature Center eat for lunch. Guests will be given an up-close and personal viewing of the animals as they devour their prey. Families can watch a tree frog or salamander gobble down its food – the tree frog enjoys nice fresh crickets, or they can watch a long slithering snake devour a mouse. The Nature Center has a number of displays and exhibits set up for the family to enjoy during their visit as well.

Poster printing was most likely used to promote this fun family learning experience to people from within this community and the surrounding communities, with brightly colored pictures of some of the more exotic creatures sure to catch the eyes of locals.

Admission to this event is free and all family members are welcome. The Animal Feeding Day will be happening on Saturday, March 16, beginning at 11:00. To learn more about this educational learning day, please visit the Devils Lake State Park Nature Center website or call the Nature Center during regular business hours.