Print Companies in Wisconsin

The history of Wisconsin is very much steeped in politics. In its early years, the state was synonymous with the national debate on slavery, so much so that it evolved into a center of northern abolitionism. Anyone visiting the state won’t have to look far to see why it is considered America’s dairyland. Cows are local to everywhere and over 1.25 million of them produce milk. 20,000 pounds of cheese is generated each and every year with one pound coming from ten gallons of milk. To save you the math, it works out at 20,000 pounds of cheese produced every year. There are over 600 styles, types, and varieties produced from the state’s award-winning cheese makers. However, the state does produce in other areas with a number of businesses in the area including those in the printing industry, ready and waiting to service local business. A Wisconsin printing company can provide businesses with all of their printing needs such as digital business cards for company representatives who often frequent networking events, postcards and flyer printing for promotional campaigns, and stationery printing for mailings and events.

The number one service industry group in Wisconsin is business, community and personal services, such as repair shops and hotels and resorts. Second, lies retail trade and wholesale. Wholesale includes machinery, grocery, and farm products. Retail includes food stores, discount stores and automobile dealerships. Once they have their message and design in place, the print company can supply any business with flyers, brochure and catalog printing, or other printing material in line with the needs and goals of the company.

Tourism is the third largest industry in the state. Thousands of visitors make their way here each year to see sights and attractions such as The Wisconsin Dells and the House on the Rock near Spring Green, as well as festivals including the EAA Oshkosh Airshow and Summerfest. Festivals tend to promote their events heavily in the weeks leading up to the actual date in order to ensure they reach the intended number of attendees. Festival organizers can call on a print company in Wisconsin to tend to their promotional printing needs. Posters and banners tend to work well for festivals, as does postcard printing.

Water-based recreation is popular here due to the number of rivers and lakes in the state. Door County is an enormously popular destination with a wealth of natural harbors, ports and bays. However, that is not the only part of the area’s appeal, as fish boils, season cherry picking and quaint villages are also popular.

November sets a stunning scene in Wisconsin with white flakes falling from above, tempting the locals to begin thinking about those winter-based sporting activities such as skiing, snowboarding or tubing. Although now isn’t needed to try any of these pursuits as snow-making machines are available, Trollhaugen which is set along the St. Croix, and not far at all from the Mississippi River, is a skiing haven with trails for all levels.

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