Adopt a new pet from the Sioux Falls Humane Society

December 7, 2011 by  

The Sioux Falls Area Humane Society currently has too many homeless animals; they are almost full and have seen a huge jump in the number of animals that find their way to their doors. The Society recently held Howliday Open House to help raise money to support all the extra animals they have to feed and house.

While the Sioux Falls Humane Society always needs donations of food and money, what they need now is for more people to adopt the homeless cats and dogs in the shelter. Talking to the media is a good first step, as is holding an open house, but they can do more to raise awareness. One way would be a direct mail campaign to tell local Sioux Falls residents about the problem and try to convince them to adopt a pet. A convenient and low-cost marketing tool would be to design a flyer. Printing companies can help to design and print a flyer that will appeal to everyone who receives it. It has been proven that direct mail is one of the most reliable forms of advertising; people are more likely to read something that comes to their mail box than if it is posted on a wall or on a counter at a community center.

The Society has a number of ways of supporting themselves; they receive donations of money and food. They create a calendar every year featuring local pets, the proceeds of which go to the Safe Haven Building Fund. They also have a store which sells pet related items.