Youngstown youth spread yuletide cheer

December 22, 2011 by  

Young students in teacher, Courtney Cruz’ classroom at the Mollie Kessler School made sure children at the Rescue Mission in Youngstown didn’t do without this Christmas. The students have been studying about homelessness and have developed a strong desire to help others this holiday season. As a classroom project, the young students selected to provide a Christmas memory for children at the Rescue Mission. They recalled visiting the mission in the past and wanted to do something for the children who reside there.

The students piled Christmas baskets full of books, toys, clothing, toothbrushes and more to give to children at the Rescue Mission. Cruz, upon finding out that there were 19 children at the mission, sent letters to parents and school staff asking for donations. She said that in just three days, she had volunteers to help all 19 of the children at the mission. Donations ranged from money and clothing, to MP3 players and toys. Thomas Davison, a local dentist, donated toothbrushes and toothpaste for all of the children.

While many opportunities for fundraisers and charitable events go on throughout the year, the Christmas season is an especially busy time for such events. Individuals who want to spread the word about a fundraiser or want to help collect for a local charity can help by drawing up a flyer, printing out copies, and posting it or distributing it within the community.

The school children at the Mollie Kessler School had $68 of the donations left after buying gifts for the kids at the mission. Of that, $40 will be used to purchase Christmas dinners for the kids at the mission. The remaining $28 will go in a Salvation Army collection kettle.