Youngstown residents walk for a cause

February 20, 2012 by  

Residents in Youngstown gathered Saturday, February 11 to take a stand in the community against violence and crime in the area. A total of five walks took place on the west side in support of maintaining a peaceful and thriving community. The events were organized by the West Side Citizens Coalition. Karen Fox, president of the coalition, stated that all of the participants were in this together, walking to keep the neighborhoods strong and safe. Some members carried a banner that read ‘We Love Youngstown.

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The ‘We Love Youngstown’ walks that took place within the community on February 10 were an effort by concerned citizens to spread the word around the community, alerting citizens to the problem of crime and violence in the area Participants hope that their efforts encouraged citizens to work together to keep the community safe. Mike Ray, 4th Ward Councilman, said the walks were all about getting the citizens in the area to come together to raise awareness of the problem by having concerned citizens visible out in the street in various locations throughout the West Side. He hopes that just seeing these individuals taking a stand encourages others to know that they can make an impact.