Youngstown residents look at ways to boost Route 422 corridor

February 27, 2014 by  

Residents and county officials attended a public meeting on February 11 to discuss ways to improve the Route 422 corridor.

Interface Studio, a Philadelphia company, has spent more than seven months looking for the best ways to improve the corridor, and presented its findings at the meeting.

Interface founder Scott Page said his firm had identified 18 measures that could bring new businesses and residents to the corridor. He added he wanted to hear what residents had to say to make certain he had correctly identified their priorities, while also pointing out that bringing new business to the corridor is one of the aims of the improvements. He noted, however, that businesses are unlikely to move in unless they have potential customers for their products and services. That being the case, improving conditions in order to draw new residents is important.

The proposals include cleaning up clutter, building sidewalks, and adding buffers between residential and industrial areas. After discussing these measures, attendees were asked to rank their top three projects in order of importance.

City officials could take a tip from Interface and work with brochure printers to create a mailer for Youngstown residents, asking them to identify their top three projects and rank them in the order they would like to see them completed.