Youngstown company sponsors an online contest with a huge prize

August 31, 2013 by  

Data Recovery Services (DRS), a technology company in Youngstown, has invited non-profit organizations in the area to enter a contest. The prize is a technology upgrade worth $30,000 for the winner.

Mike Meloy, CEO of Data Recovery, describes the company as a technology provider for the region, supplying everything from data centers to cloud services. Meloy says that a great many positive things have been happening in Youngstown, which made DRS want to give something back. The answer for the company was to host an award contest known as CommunIT, the first time it has done so, though it would like to do it again.

Meloy and DRS are part-owners of a company called PALO Creative, which is the firm giving away the prize – a total web re-design for the non-profit organization that garners the most votes. DRS used local ads and word-of-mouth to get the word out about the contest and they got over a half-million responses. The DRS staff narrowed down the flood to about two dozen they thought deserved to have their web presence upgraded. Now, the public will vote to select the top five.

Once those five are chosen, DRS and a panel comprised of Youngstown’s community leaders will evaluate the organizations’ technology needs. The final winner will be picked by combining the public votes with panel recommendations.

Once the winner is chosen, that organization will need to upgrade its printed materials as well, so it could consider working with a business card printing company to create new cards for its employees that reflect the new look of the website.