Youngstown area Pet Expo proves very popular

April 26, 2013 by  

Pet lovers from the Youngstown area had a chance to see many different animals during the weekend of April 6 and 7, when Pet Expo welcomed visitors to its annual event in Niles, Ohio, about 12 miles from Youngstown. A large crowd patronized more than 60 vendors.

The event enabled several organizations and individuals to explain their purpose and allow people to meet their animals. For instance, it appears that one of the hits of the event was Raja, an American Mastiff, who is a therapy dog and is also currently training to begin work as a service dog. Raja is a popular visitor to nursing homes in the area and is gentle with the residents, which is fortunate since he weighs 240 pounds.

Hoffman, Raja’s trainer, works with Saint Francis Pet Care, and is also affiliated with the organization’s youth program, which has the motto ‘Remain Humane’. The group hopes to inculcate a love for animals in children, believing when they learn to care for pets, they also learn to care for other people.

Smoochie, a cat who suffered a broken back as a kitten and is now a paraplegic, also garnered lots of petting and admiration from visitors. Smoochie is waiting to find her forever home and potential adopters are warned that she has special needs. However, event volunteers describe her as having a “feisty spirit” and say she will make a wonderful pet for the right person.

Event organizers could now work with flyer printing services to devise a mailer to remind area residents to watch for next year’s event.