Two Girls Clothing opens in downtown Youngstown

December 22, 2012 by  

Two Girls Clothing opened its doors with a grand opening celebration on Monday, December 3. The clothing store is located at 20 Federal Place, directly across from Two Guys Clothing. Dan and Kim Mitchell own the two clothing stores in the shopping complex in downtown Youngstown. Andre Morgan, manager of Two Girls Clothing, said:

“Right now, downtown Youngstown is flourishing. There are a lot of things coming downtown. We’re trying to revitalize downtown. What better way than to have a men’s store and a women’s store and they come in and you can shop for him and you can shop for her?”

As more and more businesses move into the Youngstown downtown shopping district, local print companies are likely to be kept busy. New or expanding businesses typically require business card printing and stationery printing when opening a new location. Many new stores, restaurants and other businesses might also require printing services such as banner printing or poster printing for grand opening ceremonies and promotional materials.

The growth of the downtown shopping district in Youngstown can be attributed to a variety of developments in the city in recent years, the first of which was the Covelli Centre. Other developments in the Youngstown area that have contributed to its recent growth include The Youngstown Business Incubator, Stambaugh Auditorium, the DeYor Performing Arts Center, retention of government employees and banks, and other projects. These developments all attracted new customers and added more workers to the downtown area, thus creating a need for businesses such as restaurants, entertainment venues, stores and other shops.