Bottom Dollar Foods coming to Youngstown this year

January 6, 2012 by  

A discount grocer, Bottom Dollar Foods, prepares to expand its chain of stores this year with the opening of its first store in Ohio. The store is currently getting things ready to expand its business to the Youngstown area.

Meg Ham, president of Bottom Dollar Foods, said she looks forward to bringing new jobs to Youngstown in 2012. She went on to say they are always on the look-out for energetic and enthusiastic individuals to join their expanding team. Interviews were conducted in November and December as the store prepares to move in to the community.

The introduction of new businesses to the Youngstown area creates business opportunities for printing companies in the area as well. As new companies move in to the community or businesses expand, the need for a variety of printing services is created. Promotional printing, such as digital business cards, flyer printing and banner printing are often needed. Youngstown printers will be able to supply these services to new businesses in the area.

Bottom Dollar Foods is based in North Carolina. The discount grocery chain currently operates out of 52 stores located in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Youngstown store will be its first Ohio location. The store offers private and national brand grocery products, quality meats and fresh produce at discount prices. Meg Ham stated that Bottom Dollar Foods looks forward to creating an amazing and energetic work environment for their employees while working with the community and growing their business.