Wooster gets a bus stop

June 21, 2013 by  

Wooster, Ohio, recent got a long distance bus stop that will connect its residents with other parts of the nation, and the rest of North America.

Tom Goebel, who previously started Lakefront Lines, has now created Barons Bus Line, and put in a stop at Wooster. Jim Pitman, who has worked as the ticket agent at the bus station since 1999, says the new buses, which stop twice a day, will allow Wooster residents to ride anywhere in Canada and the United States, as well as traveling to three stops in Mexico.

John Goebel says the aim of the new bus line is to provide its riders with truly exceptional service. Barons operates out of Cleveland, and has ten brand-new buses that will provide luxury for riders. The amenities include plug-ins and Wi-Fi, along with other features found on the best coaches.

Greyhound owns the Wooster station and operated service there until 2005, when Lakefront Lines began running the route. Lakefront pulled out of Wooster completely in 2011. Pitman notes that although the station remained open, many riders went to places like Canton to catch the bus. There has been demand for the service to be restored almost from the moment Lakefront left.

According to Barons, bus tickets are more economical than driving, when things like gas, depreciation and insurance are factored in. The bus is beginning to appeal more and more to younger people, particularly those traveling to colleges in the area.

Bus companies often work with brochure printers to create a schedule that gives the times buses arrive and depart, and typically include a regional map.