Construction in Wooster well ahead of last year

April 26, 2013 by  

Construction for which permits are required is booming in the city of Wooster, Ohio, and is well ahead of the mark set for the same period last year, according to a news item from this month.

For the period January through March 2013, total building values stand at approximately $6.34m. In addition, each month posted construction values of a minimum of $1m. This is the sixth month in a row in which construction values have topped the million dollar mark.

The amount includes both commercial and residential permitted construction, as well as a number of additional permits for miscellaneous projects, such as heating, fire protection, plumbing, and demolition – all of which must be approved by the city.

By comparison, the total construction values reported for the first three months of 2012 were $2.04m, which is approximately one third of the 2013 figure. Not only that, but there was not one single month in the first quarter of 2012 that topped the $1m mark.

The driver behind the quick start for 2013 is commercial construction, with the city issuing 27 permits for the quarter as opposed to 11 in the same period last year. Among the building projects are seven renovations of the Palm House apartments, each estimated to cost between $300K and $800K, as well as improvements to Dollar General to the amount of $350,000.

This is good news for the city and indicates an improvement in economic conditions. Wooster officials could work with brochure printers to describe the projects and invite organizations to consider locating their operations here.