World’s longest buckeye necklace raises funds for Spielman Foundation

July 23, 2012 by  

A simple idea between two friends to create the longest buckeye necklace in the world developed into a campaign to raise thousands of dollars for the Spielman Foundation, a fund set up to support breast cancer research. The project has raised nearly $16,000 so far.

Over the last three years, Westerville resident Jonathon Cochran and his friend Alexander Bork of Powell have sold over 12,000 buckeyes at a cost of $2.50 each. The buckeyes were sold at football games, festivals, and various other places over the last three years. In addition, the friends created their own website called ‘Buckeyes for a Cure’, where they sold buckeyes and collected donations. A number is placed on each buckeye and then photographed so people who purchase one can see where their particular buckeye is placed in the necklace.

The idea stemmed from a conversation in which the two friends contemplated creating the longest buckeye necklace in the world. From that idea, the goal to raise funds for the Spielman Foundation sprouted.

Fundraising efforts and events like this may use flyer printing or poster printing to raise awareness about the cause. These types of activities may also use banner printing at special ceremonies or activities for the fundraiser.

Bork and Cochran have now completed the necklace and will present it to the Spielman Foundation at a special ceremony on July 31 at 4:00 pm at the Stefani Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center. Tickets are limited to 98 for the event and individuals who purchase one will receive a buckeye with the donor’s name printed on it.