Westerville takes suburban crown

November 26, 2013 by  

Westerville, Ohio, has won the title of best suburb in America, based on recent research.

The study was from late last month and was carried out by Movato Real Estate, which examined criteria like the crime rate and cost of living. Movato compared Westerville to 75 other suburban areas across the country, then declared it to be the best.

Head researcher Randy Nelson cited the city’s excellent schools and low crime rate as two of the most important factors in the win. He noted that Westerville surpassed every criterion the study used. Interestingly, of the 10 top suburbs, seven are in the south, two in the north, and one in California.

Westerville’s mayor, Kathy Cocuzzi, noted that this award comes very soon after the city’s Parks and Recreation Department won a national medal as well. She says this places Westerville on the national stage at the moment, and lets everybody know the suburb is a wonderful place in which to live.

Westerville has received kudos from other sources as well; it has appeared twice on Money Magazine’s ‘Best Places to Live’ and, in 2012, Westerville came in at number five on Forbes list of ‘America’s Friendliest Towns’. City Manager David Collinsworth said the city’s sterling reputation was the result of hard work on the part of all its departments, in tandem with that of the the school district and local business establishments.

Westerville officials could work with a banner printing company to create material to hang throughout the city in celebration of these honors.