Westerville students get a chance to practice riding school buses

August 28, 2013 by  

Addressing the fact that starting a new school can be a scary undertaking for youngster, Westerville allowed students take a practice ride earlier this month. It saw more than 200 students come to the Westerville City School District to take a bus ride.

Among the riders were Alex Cooper, who will soon start kindergarten, as will Brooke Chapman. When someone asked Alex how she planned to get to her school, she said confidently that she was going to take the bus. Brooke’s mother Kelly said that, even at the practice event, a lot of kids were nervous, but she thought it was a good way for them to get the uneasiness out of their systems, so they would be ready to take the bus when school starts.

Although Alex and Brook seemed eager to ride the bus, other kids had trouble. Terry Ruh, who drives a school bus, said it is common for a child to get scared about the ride. At times, mothers have had to get on with the child and settle them down before the route can be continued, Ruh said.

The idea of the practice ride started several years ago, when the district realized parents were stopping by the bus garage in the summer, asking if their kids could explore a school bus.

Event organizers may well want to repeat this, so they could work with a flyer printing service to create a mailer to go to parents next year, inviting them to participate.