Westerville high schools help the Caring & Sharing Christmas project Exceed its goal

December 22, 2011 by  

Students from all three Westerville high schools gathered on Friday December 9 to donate their collected funds fi\or the Westerville Caring & Sharing Christmas project. Funds donated by the schools helped the project exceed its fundraising goal for 2011, though just weeks prior to the donation, it looked like the program might fall short of its projected goal for the year. Just last month, the organization reported being behind their goal by about $20,000.

With an incredible tally of $45,124, the three Westerville high schools helped the charitable organization meet and exceed its goals for the 2011 holiday season. An anonymous donation of $20,000 brought Westerville North’s total donation to $34,457. Westerville Central contributed $12, 717, while Westerville South’s tally came to $7,950.

Individuals interested in collecting funds for local charities and fundraising events can often help by creating a flyer, printing it out, and distributing it locally. Students and others can also help in the fundraising efforts with poster printing and other services to spread the word about local fundraisers. The holiday season is an ideal time to become involved with local charities and give a helping hand wherever needed.

The Westerville Caring & Sharing project provides gifts for children within the Westerville school district who qualify for free or reduced price lunches. It also provides a holiday meal for the children and their families. This year, approximately 700 children in the Westerville area will benefit from the Caring & Sharing program.