Westerville begins planning for 2014

January 29, 2014 by  

Westerville, Ohio has a number of plans under consideration, and 2014 seems to be the year city officials will finalize them.

Officials are looking at ways to revitalize the Uptown district, as well as revising a plan for the city’s parks and open spaces. These plans should be finalized soon, and Westerville will begin implementing recommended changes as 2014 progresses.

Dave Collinsworth, Westerville’s City Manager, said he and other civil leaders are working on a comprehensive plan; something that hasn’t been done for nearly 40 years. The planning process is expected to take approximately 18 months, and was prompted by the interest developers have shown in some of the last vacant land in Westerville. The city wants to determine the best uses for the land, as well as deciding which areas might support in-fill development.

The parks department will also be considering its recommendations, including a proposal to renew its quarter-percent income tax. Collinsworth said the city will be looking at the parks and recreation ideas carefully throughout 2014, describing the parks options as a “major thread” for consideration this year.

The city will also invest in capital improvements to its roads, utilities, bike trails, and city facilities, as well as improving customer service and moving more of its operations online. Collinsworth noted these were big changes, but believes they will make the city more efficient.

City officials could work with brochure printers to create a mailer for residents explaining these plans as they come up for consideration. The city is actively seeking residents’ input, and keeping them informed would help in the process.