Recycling plant to open second location in Waverly

December 19, 2012 by  

Geo-Tech Polymers, a recycling plant in Westerville, is opening a second plant located in Waverly. The plant in Westerville is located just an hour north of the Waverly location, and the company is currently installing the second line in the new facility, which measures approximately 123,000 square feet. Geo-Tech hopes to have the Waverly plant up and running within the first three months of 2013.

The company uses a proprietary process in which coatings such as metals and paints are removed from plastic materials without the use of harsh chemicals and solvents, minimizing damage to materials. Geo-Tech President, Doug Collins, said that the new recycling plant will increase the recycling company’s capacity by 150%. He said that Geo-Tech has plans to run two lines in Waverly and one in Westerville.

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Collins said that Geo-Tech had plans to create a second facility, but the company wanted to stay in the Pike County area. The company estimates that it will bring an additional 50 jobs to the area over a time period of three years. Geo-Tech will receive a number of grants and loans towards the expansion of the recycling plant, while Ohio Valley Bank is financing the balance of the project.