Our Community Our Schools campaign outspends Taxpayers for Westerville Schools

January 18, 2012 by  

Documents filed with the Franklin County Board of Education on December 16 indicate that the Our Community, Our Schools campaign, which was in favor of the school levy at Westerville, outspent Taxpayers for Westerville Schools by a whopping 6-1 margin. Our Community, Our Schools was defeated by the anti-levy opponent on November 8, but it spent much more on the campaign.

The total campaign costs for Our Community, Our Schools came to $30,958.58. The largest amount of money was spent on services provided by print companies. The campaign spent a total of $12,421.44 towards printing services. In addition to other print material, $2,897.40 was spent on yard signs and poster printing, while another $897.78 went towards flyer printing.

The anti-levy group, Taxpayers for Westerville Schools also spent the largest amount of campaign money on printing services provided by local and area printing companies. These print ads included yard signs, door hangers and flyers.

Our Community, Our Schools succeeded in raising $6,979.50 in the last quarter before the election. These donations came from more than 80 donors and included $1,000 donation from the huntington National Bank. Taxpayers for Westerville Schools were not far behind with $5,265.26 collected from almost 60 donors.

Our Schools indicated a remaining balance of more than $10,700 in its account at the end of the campaign, while Taxpayers for Westerville School showed a balance of almost $300. Despite winning, Taxpayers for Westerville Schools will once again have to campaign against an emergency levy that the school board recently voted to place on the ballot in March.