New ‘resort’ nursing facility in the works for Westerville

November 8, 2012 by  

A new nursing facility with the feel of a resort is currently in the works for the city of Westerville. Plans to construct the building at a mixed-use development area located at Cooper Road and Cleveland Avenue are currently underway.

Sprenger Health Care Systems, which owns the skilled-nursing facility, is the first to have solid plans in the 95-acre mixed-use development plot along Cooper Road and Cleveland Avenue. More than 130 employees would work in the facility and the payroll would be over $5m.

Nursing facilities, assisted living area, nursing homes and the like often use brochure printers to provide patients with information regarding the facility and its grounds. In addition, new facilities that come into the area will require a number of other printing services, such as business card printing, flyer printing, and stationery printing.

Developers for the new facility met with the Westerville Planning Commission on October 24 to discuss plans and reveal what the skilled nursing facility, which has yet to be fully designed, might look like. The building would lie on an eight-acre plot located to the south of Cooper Road. Dennis Dechow, a developer with Main Street Property Group, revealed that it would contain 150 beds. The majority of the beds in the facility would be used to provide care, such as occupational therapy and physical therapy, to patients. Forty-two beds would be used for assisted living, and a memory unit would also be included. The facility, while planned to convey a resort-like atmosphere, will still maintain details that will put patients at ease concerning their medical care.