General Mills expansion will bring 60 new jobs to Westerville

April 1, 2012 by  

The Ohio-based General Mills Company will create 60 new jobs in the Westerville area with its decision to expand and build a larger warehouse. The company, which offers material-moving services, has a current warehouse located at 2909 Pleasant Center Road. That warehouse, which provides the same services, employs a total of 79 individuals. The new, larger warehouse is currently under construction at 12300 Bluffton Road.

Exel Inc., founded in 1983, intends to finance nearly $2 million in the company through the purchase of new equipment and job creation. The jobs that will be created to service the warehouse are expected to pay approximately $23, 920 a year. Exel is currently requesting an abatement, which would reduce the taxes that are required on the new equipment and buildings for a temporary time. The new equipment could possibly help the company save over $41,000 in property taxes over the course of the next five years.

Businesses in the Westerville area that choose to expand or move to new areas within the city, often use printing services offered by local print companies for business card printing, stationery printing and other office products. Including the new address or other information on company stationery and business cards is generally necessary when a company relocates or expands.

The new General Mills warehouse is a $36 million project. The facility will encompass 1.5 million square feet and includes new equipment such as racks, forklifts and other necessary items. General Mills plans to open the new warehouse by this summer.

The abatement request is awaiting approval from the Allen County Council.