Communities clean up with Realtor Care Day

June 14, 2012 by  

Earlier this month, on Wednesday, June 6, more than 400 volunteers gathered to clean up communities in central Ohio cities with the 8th annual Realtor Care Day. Cities involved in the annual project included Westerville, Dublin, Galena, New Albany, Columbus, and a number of others encompassing the central Ohio area. More than $33,000 was spent on the 34 projects located throughout Central Ohio. These projects included litter removal, landscaping, home repair, and a number of other undertakings.

Realtor Care Day was started in 2005 as an annual day of service to help clean up communities in the central Ohio area and make them more appealing to families and business owners who might decide to move into the area. Large companies and businesses are more likely to establish themselves in an area where the community takes pride in its appearance and demonstrates a concerted effort to keep the city attractive. As more and more businesses move into the Westerville area, existing businesses can likely expect to see an increase in their own business. In addition to increasing the amount of consumers in the area, new businesses often require printing services such as business card printing, banner printing, flyer printing and other services from local printing companies. Events such as the annual Realtor Care Day help the community stay clean and attractive in order to bring business to the area and increase the local economy. They also help make the area a great place to live.

In addition to the various landscaping and clean-up projects, a total of 17 area homeowners in Westerville and other cities were provided with various services to help make their homes more attractive and provide some needed repairs.