Bike path construction set to be wheeled out for new school year

July 16, 2013 by  

Construction is underway on the Walnut Street/Hempstead Road Bike Path in Westerville, Ohio, with the hope that it can be finished before school resumes in the fall. The construction area contains three city schools, making it desirable to complete the work while students are on summer vacation.

To ensure the work is done on schedule and that students are safe, Westerville plans to complete the construction in three phases. The first phase will be the construction of a bike path on Hempstead Road, between Woodsedge Lane and Walnut Street, which is scheduled for completion this summer.

The second phase of the project is to build another cycle path on Walnut Street between Hempstead Road and Spring Road, now slated for completion in 2014. Finally, the third phase involves the improvement of existing bike paths on Walnut and Hempstead and will be finished in 2015.

Westerville also has the distinction of being a Tree City USA – an honor given by the National Arbor Day Foundation to those communities that have made a commitment to their forests. Although planners tried to lay out routes that would have the least impact on the trees, some had to be taken down. Since the city is proud of its status, which it has held for 37 years, it plans to replace those trees.

Westerville officials could work with brochure printers to create a mailer for residents, describing the project, giving the timetable for the three phases, and providing drawings of the new paths.