Local market offers special day

February 12, 2014 by  

The West Chester Farmer’s Market will be opening for one day later this week, allowing farmers to advertise and sell their wares and residents to by locally-grown produce, plants, and even some baked goods.

The market is a year-round endeavor thanks to green-house growers and folks who harvest winter crops. It opens one or more days each month during the winter months to give winter farmers the chance to remind local people that the grocery store is not the only place to buy produce when the temperatures drop.

People of all ages are welcome at the Farmer’s Market, and it tends to attract people who are interested in supporting local farming communities and finding out where their food comes from, while also providing a way to engage in the spirit of community. Some people in the area may even wish to head over to a print company to have flyers made to help advertise the event and maintain its popularity.

This month, the West Chester’s Farmer’s Market will be open on Friday, February 15 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm (no matter the weather) and will be held at the Muhlhauser Barn in Beckett Park, West Chester. There is no admittance fee of course, but visitors are advised to bring enough cash to allow for buying a surprising variety of fresh produce.