Tony Packo’s Hungarian Hot Dog under new ownership

February 12, 2012 by  

The famous Tony Packo’s diner, made famous by toledo’s own Jamie Farr, is now under new ownership after a questionable future over the past year. After loan foreclosures, feuds over ownership and a court-appointed representative stepping in, the Toledo restaurant is now under the ownership of a private restaurant group that has just finalized a $5.5 million buy-out of the famous Hungarian diner, sometimes referred to as the “hot dog diner” from M.A.S.H.

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The Hungarian eatery achieved national recognition in the 1970s after M.A.S.H’s Cpl. Maxwell Clinger first mentioned it on the famous television series. In the Feb. 24, 1976 show, Max speaks to a television reporter and added a comment into his interview telling the reporter that if he’s ever on the Hungarian side of town in Toledo, Ohio, Tony Packo’s had the greatest Hungarian hotdogs for thirty-five cents. Tony Packo’s was subsequently mentioned in five other episodes, including the final two and a half hour episode that aired in 1983.

The restaurant had previously been run as a family-owned and operated business since 1932, when Tony opened it as a small sandwich and ice cream shop. He called it the Hungarian Hot Dog because he was Hungarian-American. According to Hungarian old-country food experts, there was no such thing as a Hungarian hot dog until Tony invented it. Ever since the restaurant’s mention on M.A.S.H, the hot dog diner has drawn tourists interested in visiting the diner Clinger helped make famous.