Toledo amongst top 20 metro areas to recover from downturn

April 2, 2012 by  

A recent report, released by the Brookings Institute, places toledo amongst the top 20 metro areas across the country to have recovered the most so far from the recession and economic downturn. youngstown is also listed in the top 20. Rather than ranking the areas individually, the authors of the report list the regions in groups of 20. The second list of 20 includes a number of Ohio cities, such as Columbus, Dayton, cincinnati and Akron.

While these cities are steadily growing and slowly recovering from the country’s economic downturn, the authors of the report state cities such as Toledo still have a long way to go before recovering back to the economic state they were in before the recession and economic crisis

As Ohio’s metro areas slowly grow and work their way out of the economic downturn in an effort to return to their previous economic standing, new businesses move into the areas, existing companies expand and more consumers and business is introduced to local companies. Print companies may be called upon for Banner Printing, poster printing and a number of other services to help boost the business of new companies in the area.

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