Spring Sweep Program in Toledo sweeping up neighborhoods

March 24, 2012 by  

City inspectors in Toledo are fronting a battle against code violations and damage within area neighborhoods. The Spring Sweep Program is cleaning up the neighborhoods in the community that are in need of repair. Inspectors are not doing this in an attempt to place homeowners with fines for code violations, but to encourage citizens to renovate and clean up their properties to discourage violence and vandalism in the neighborhoods. They are also offering financial assistance to those who need it.

The Spring Sweep Program kicked off this week with the Library Village area on Tuesday, March 20, with the help of Toledo Mayor, Mike Bell. Mayor Bell stated that inspectors were there, not to harm or embarrass anyone, but to make sure residents are aware of the problem and offer financial assistance to those who need it. In addition to alerting homeowners about needed repairs, city inspectors have drawn up a flyer, printing out multiple copies to distribute to owners. The flyers contain information about financial assistance that can be obtained to help pay for the needed repairs.

The city is attempting to target these neighborhoods before vandalism and violence brings them down. Over the next three months, city inspectors will walk through five neighborhoods in the city that are in need of repairs. According to the 13abc website, of the 6500 homes in Library Village, approximately 10 percent were found to be in violation of city codes and in need of repair. Oakdale/Ravine Park, North Toledo/Point Place, Secor Gardens and Arlington Burroughs are also a part of the Spring Sweep Program this year.