Hickory Farms to move to Toledo

July 25, 2012 by  

Hickory Farms, a specialty food store famous for its gift baskets and boxes of snacks, is moving its base of operations from Maumee to Toledo. The company intends to move its current headquarters in the Arrowhead Industrial Park to the fifth floor in the Hylant Building on Madison Avenue in Toledo. It recently signed a 10-year lease agreement and has plans to relocate sometime in the middle of August. Approximately 50 employees are also expected to move with Hickory Farms.

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Mark Rodriquez, CEO for Hickory Farms, stated in a release:

“Toledo is the epicenter of northwest Ohio. It is an important center for innovation, transportation, and culture. We want to become one of the spokes in the wheel working hard to improve Toledo’s competitiveness and reputation.”

The company’s headquarters’ home had been Maumee for more than four decades, but they recently sold the 60,000 square foot building that was really much larger than they needed, according to Hickory Farm’s brand marketing vice president, Michael Holton. The facility was purchased by a college, though Holton did not reveal which one.

Holton stated that when they began the search for a new location, they never even considered going outside of Ohio. He said that the area has been good to them, and they wanted to help revitalize downtown Toledo.