Circus entertained children of all ages at Point Place

August 13, 2012 by  

A crowd of approximately 1,100 were thrilled by the Kelly Miller Circus which rolled into town on Thursday, August 9.

Ringmaster John Moss III, invited children and adults of all ages to gather under the big top for “America’s one-ring wonder” in Point Place, near Toledo.

The first act of the event was “Fascinating Felines,” which consisted of five intimidating Siberian Tigers that would jump, sit, roll and stand on their hind legs at the command of their fearless trainer, Ryan Holder. The fearsome felines were followed by an exciting performance by talented aerial artists, Sara Greene and Delena Fusco, referred to as the Delara Duo. Delena and Sara performed a number of amazing tricks while hanging from ropes high in the air. These two incredible opening acts were followed by clowns, trained elephants, music, acrobatics and juggling.

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According to Rick Knapp, who is a volunteer at the Point Place Community Center, proceeds from the circus were donated to the Point Place Business Association’s Scholarship Fund. The Lions Football League, and the Ottawa River Cleanup Association. The circus was sponsored by the community center.