Black Kite Coffee coming to Toledo’s Old West End

June 19, 2012 by  

A new coffee shop, Black Kite Coffee, is expected to open its doors within the next few weeks in toledo’s Old West End. The shop is located at 2499 Collingwood Boulevard and is owned by Kristen Kiser.

The idea for a coffee shop located in Toledo’s Old West End first sparked on a summer day in 2011, while Kristen and her family were visiting in the area. Sitting on the porch that morning and wishing for a cup of coffee, Ms. Kiser and her family realized the need for a coffee shop in the area. It was at that point that Kristen decided a few changes needed to be made on the Old West End.

While the Old West End of Toledo features some of the most diverse architecture and historic homes in the city, it is almost void of any businesses. Kiser hopes the new coffee shop will inspire other businesses to move into the area and bring new life to the Old West End.

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Currently, Ms. Kiser is waiting on equipment installation, as well as a health inspection, before opening the doors. In the meantime, she is putting the finishing touches to the soon-to-be-open coffee shop.