Road construction begins in Stow

May 19, 2013 by  

Spring brings warmer, drier weather across most of the United States, making outdoor construct projects more viable. This is certainly true for Stow, Ohio, where multiple utility construction and road improvement projects are getting underway.

An interactive map of the city shows 13 separate locations where road improvements will take place over the future months, with some roads being worked on in more than one place. Among the roads identified are Commerce Drive, Stow Road, Marsh Road, Call Road, and Hudson Drive.

Jim McCreary, Stow City Engineer, told the City Council he expects the paving work on Hudson Drive, Commerce Drive, and Stow Road to be completed sometime within the next several weeks. Stow’s assistant public service director, Nicholas Wren, said it might be necessary to close some of the lanes on Norton Road in order to complete the work. However, there will be at least one lane open during the construction period, Wren said.

Road developments, and the often resultant traffic congestion, can cause frustration to drivers who are not in the know, so Stow officials are likely to want to alleviate it as much as possible. To that end, they might consider working with flyer printing experts to create a mailer for the city’s residents, listing all the locations at which work is to be done – particularly those sections of road that will be closed, and the dates of the closures. They might also suggest alternate routes that drivers can use until the roads reopen.