Panera Bread may be coming to Stow

November 7, 2012 by  

As the local Big Boy restaurant, which has remained vacant for almost five years, recently started the demolition process, rumor has it that a Panera Bread restaurant may just be filling the lot that will be left empty once Big Boy has been completely torn down. The location of the potential Panera Bread restaurant will be on Graham Road, just off of State Route 8.

Rob Kurtz, who is Planning Director for the city, stated that no official application for the property has been submitted yet, though he continues to be optimistic that it will be. Deville Developments, Inc., which owns the property, has been in contact with Kurtz and granted him permission to reveal that tentative plans for the lot include a Panera Bread restaurant.

The construction of the new Panera Bread restaurant would mark the second one in stow. The other is located at Kent Road.

Kurtz was quoted as saying,

“I think any large vacant building is not a positive thing. I’d say eyesore is too strong a word for that building, but it’ll be good to see some changes over there.”

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